Light and compact with a patented noise filter, Squadra Pro and Squadra Varsity have been designed to meet the requirements of Pro and Division I basketball referees.

Vokkero Squadra basketball  officiating an effective way to make rapid decisions and resolve and resolve problems.

Squadra is also often used as a training tool, giving the instructors the ability to give instant feedback and communication to the “in training” officials.


Systems recommended for Basketball:


Squadra Varsity share the same quality as Squadra Pro in a simplified pre-configured package. This latest version from Vokkero has been designed to meet the needs of budget conscious officiating organizations and most commonly used in football and...
Squadra is a radio communications system that can connect up to 16 users for clear communication, without interference. This radio system also has full duplex capability and customizable configuration dedicated to professional and elite level referees...